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Big wave surfer

Joana Linhares de Andrade, from Ericeira, is the first and only Portuguese woman in the big waves. She is a big wave specialist athlete surfing at Praia do Norte, Nazaré, in the biggest waves in the world. She is nominated in the top five female big wave surfers in the world in tow-in.

Joana is also an entrepreneur of Progress Surf School in her home town of Ericeira and founder of the first surf school for girls in Portugal. She is an inspiration for both men and women wanting to face their fears.

Joana’s motto is “Feel the fear but don’t let it stop you.”

Progress Surf School

Instagram @joana_andrade_surf

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Johanna Nordblad, from Helsinki, is one of the pioneers of freediving in Finland. She has broken both Finnish and World Records in freediving since she began competing in the sport in 2000. Johanna is an elite athlete who currently holds the World Record in freediving under ice for 50 metres in only her swimming costume. 

Next, Johanna wants to break the men’s Guinness World Record of freediving under ice for 76,2 metres. In her next world record attempt she aims to dive under the ice for 81 metres in only her swimming costume. Johanna can hold her breath under water for over six and a half minutes.

Johanna’s motto is: “When we learn something we didn’t think we were capable of, what else can we learn?”

Freediving school

Instagram @johannanordblad

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