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Latest Headlines & Announcements

Check back here often for upcoming screenings and broadcasts as we can announce them!

In the UK, BIG vs SMALL is available on VOD from April 24th 2023! 

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HIFF Love & Anarchy, Finland, 17.-27.9.2020

Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, USA, 9.-17.10.2020 

Surf At Lisbon, Portugal, 5.-8.11.2020 

DOC NYC, USA, 11.-19.11.2020

PÖFF, Tallinn, 13.-29.11.2020  

Maui Film Festival, Hawaii, 11.12.2020-3.1.2021

Lighthouse International Film Society, USA, 7.-11.1.2021

Reykjavik Feminist Film Festival, Iceland, 14.-17.1.2021

Glasgow Film Festival, UK, 24.2.-7.3.2021

Dublin International Film Festival, Ireland, 3.-14.3.2021

DocLands Documentary Film Festival, USA, 7.-16.5.2021

Bilbao Surf Film Festival, Spain, 19.-23.5.2021

Illuminate Film Festival, USA, 20.-26.5.2021

Portuguese Surf Film Festival, Portugal, 23.7.2021

Cromarty Cinema, Scotland, 19.8.2021

Kinokka, Finland, 19.9.2021

Doctober, USA, 3.10 & 5.10.2021

Heartland International Film Festival, USA, 7.-17.10.2021

London Surf Film Festival, 2.-4.12.2021

Lithuanian Sport Film Festival, 2.-9.12.2021

New York Wild Film Festival, USA, 9.-10.4.2022 

Cinemare Ocean Film Festival, Germany, 26.4.-1.5.2022

EarthX Film Festival, Dallas, USA, 12.-15.5.2022

Exeter Phoenix, Exeter, UK, 23.6.2022

Surfalorus Film Festival, North Carolina, USA, 19.-21.9.2022

UK Theatrical Tour dates, including Q&A's, 21.10.2022- 

Sydney Orpheum, Sydney, Australia, 25.10.2022 with Layne Beachley and Minna Dufton

Australian Theatrical Tour dates, 25.10.2022- 

41N Film Festival, Michigan, USA, 4.11.2022

Gold Coast Film Festival, HOTA, Australia, 25.4.2023 & 27.4.2023

Brest Surf Film Festival, Brest, France, 17.-20.5.2023


Best Film, Surf At Lisbon 2020

Audience Award for Best World Cinema Documentary, Maui Film Festival 2020

Best Film, Bilbao Surf Film Festival 2021

Director's Choice, Illuminate Film Festival 2021

Impactful Story, Portuguese Surf Film Festival 2021

The Ericeira Award, Portuguese Surf Film Festival 2021

The Spirit of The Festival Award, London Surf Film Festival 2021

Special Jury Award, New York Wild Film Festival 2022

Audience Award, Cinemare Ocean Film Festival 2022

Prix du Jury, Brest Surf Film Festival 2023

TV Screens




  • SABC Sport, South Africa, September 2022 

  • DPG Media, Belgium, July 2021

  • AMC Networks, Portugal & Spain, July 2021

  • Yle, Finland, December 2020 


Natalie Lawley, Escapade Media, Sydney

BROADCAST & ONLINE:  Tull Stories, UK & Ireland, from April 2023



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